Yes, it can still be played without any loss of sound. However, for liability reasons, it must be pointed out that this is a work of art and no liability can be accepted for any damage that may occur.

Sand filled vinyl must also not be played on vertical record players.

The Liquid filled vinyl and Sand filled Vinyl is approximately 5mm thick.

With the other finishes, it depends on what is to go in. The maximum height of 6mm should not be exceeded, as the records can then no longer be played.

Normal vinyls can be used and do not have to be recorded on one side. To get a great colour effect, ultra clear vinyls are best, but also coloured transparent vinyls (in bright colours like yellow transparent, pink transparent etc.) can be used. However, it should be noted that only dark liquids can be used.

The liquids consist of water and oil and should not be ingested. If a Liquid filled Vinyl should ever leak, it is essential to wash your hands. Contact with the eyes or mouth must be avoided.

A solution has been sought for a long time to make the various materials waterproof. During production, a process is used in which the materials are joined together, resulting in a kind of welded seam. This ensures that the material is joined together in an ultra-strong way and thus remains watertight. However, there is no 100 percent safety here either, as material damage can occur during transport, storage or incorrect use.

In addition to liquids, other materials such as coloured quartz sand, glitter, confetti, items of clothing, rubbish, etc. can also be filled in. The only important thing is that the materials are max. 1.2mm high and not too heavy!

Orders can only be placed with traders. Since we only produce in B2B, we can only refine to the exclusion of any gun service! This must also be agreed to when concluding the contract / placing the order.
It is very important that the principles of Vinyl Manufaktur are adhered to, i.e. no orders with racist, sexist, fascist or homophobic ideas are accepted. It must also be pointed out that Vinyl Manufaktur does not process any bootleg requests, as these are illegally produced vinyls.

As it depends on various factors, it is not possible to give an all-inclusive price. If you are interested in the production of a liquid filled vinyl, you can enquire about prices via the contact form with details of your project.

The delivery time from receipt of goods is currently estimated at 6-8 weeks. This depends on how many orders have already been placed and have to be processed. As this is purely manual work, only a limited number of orders per month are possible.

Since we only produce in B2B, we can only refine to the exclusion of any guarantee! This must also be agreed to when concluding the contract / placing the order. It should also be noted that the records are carefully checked before delivery. Repair claims can be made within the first three months after delivery. After that, the guarantee and liability expire.

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