Liquid filled vinyl
The Liquid filled Vinyl is a technique, with which one or two different liquids are brought into a record and thereby a so-called lava effect is created. The two liquids can each be coloured, giving an excellent overall appearance. The processing technique also provides additional stability to the vinyl.

Please be sure to follow the safety instructions.
You can find them here: Safety instructions

The Epo-Vinyl

Here, every record is really unique and there are no limits to the variety of colours. Various colours can be combined with, for example, pictures, dried flowers, snippets and much more. There are hardly any limits here.

Depending on the choice, the vinyls are completely different, as the colours run and so each copy is absolutely unique! Epo-Vinyl is already absolutely in demand and coming on strong.

The filled vinyl
We can also design records in the creative area. Whether it’s banknotes, hair, dried plants, confetti, band merch, personal keepsakes, etc. Anything under a maximum height of 1.2mm can be filled in.

Attention: depending on the choice of content, a coloured border must be created, which can be freely chosen in colour. For this, please consult us in advance.

The sand and glitter filled vinyl
With the filling of sands or other fine materials such as glitter, we can offer a premium finishing that hardly anyone else can. There are only a few producers here who are able to fill records with sand. Vinyl Manufaktur is one of these suppliers!

Please note: a transparent edge cannot be offered with this variant. However, the choice of colour is freely selectable.

The Hologram Vinyl

Here, a special technique is used to create the hologram effect. Different patterns/designs can be offered.

With this kind of finishing you have something unique and with a wonderful effect.

Please note: 2 original records are required for each hologram vinyl.

All vinyl types are designed to be playable on almost all common record players (except for a few fully automatic record players). Nevertheless, we would like to point out that we identify the articles as decorative items.

All products or services are created by hand and go through a careful inspection. Despite this, problems can always occur, especially at the filling hole.

Likewise, we cannot give any guarantee for a permanent tightness of the records and their liquids, although we assume that these cannot leak or evaporate!

We only do contract work for bands, labels and agencies. For legal reasons, we cannot currently offer individual productions for end consumers.