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The Liquid filled Vinyl

Liquid filled vinyl consists of two transparent records that are glued together using a sophisticated method and filled with different coloured liquids. Each Liquid filled Vinyl is therefore a unique work of art and will not exist a second time. The production of such a Liquid filled Vinyl is 100% handwork and requires a high degree of skill, because different materials are used which normally do not work together. There are no limits to the filling of such Liquid filled Vinyls and besides liquids, objects or materials such as coloured sand, artificial flowers, pieces of clothing, banknotes etc. can be put into the Vinyls. The only thing you have to pay attention to is the height, because this is limited.

But such Liquid filled Vinyls can also be used for very special situations. They can be used to create great birthday or wedding gifts, but also, for example, urns for deceased pets with the ashes. There are hardly any limits to artistic freedom here.

Since Vinyl Manufaktur insists on exclusivity, no mass-produced goods are made in our house. Liquid filled vinyl is and shall remain an exclusive work of art.

Should you also be interested in a Liquid filled Vinyl production, you can contact us directly via the contact form.

ATTENTION: We do not make liquid filled vinyls with racist, sexist and homophobic lyrics and we also do not accept bootleg orders.