The Vinyl Manufaktur was founded by Nico Michaelis in March 2021 in the tranquil town of Pforzheim. Before Nico got involved with the topic of liquid filled vinyl and its production, he was a regional concert promoter, booking agent, label owner and finally successfully ran a music magazine on the topic of vinyl. In the time before the Vinyl Manufaktur, he successfully built up four start-ups and is a real doer when it comes to creativity and “making”.

Since it has always been a matter of the heart for Nico to actively contribute to the local music scene, it was obvious for him to remain active in the music scene after ending his work at the music magazine he founded and handing it over to a non-profit association.

During his time as the owner of the music magazine, he was already intensively involved in the production of liquid filled vinyls for a long time and can now draw on a level of craftsmanship and knowledge that only a few people in the world have mastered.

Since March 2021, the exclusive Liquid Filled Vinyls have been handmade in a small workshop in Pforzheim.